Labels at RevPrint Claremont

It can be said that if you have a good idea or product and can “Get it to Stick” in people’s minds, you may be headed in a good direction!  Labels are probably one of the most versatile and widely used marketing or advertising tools available.  And at RevPrint Claremont we are more than happy to assist and advise you with variety of labels.  From simple paper labels for stationery or gifts, right through to vehicle or store façade signage, an adhesive product will most likely be your solution.

Paper labels can be used for almost anything. They may be pre-cut or custom-made sizes. These would typically be used for stationery, gifts, notices etc.  They are a quick and easy option that is not permanent and must not be exposed to moisture.

Vinyl labels are of a higher quality and are more durable. This is a more permanent labelling option and the various varieties of vinyl available, gloss, matte or transparent also allow for water, UV and temperature resistance, so there are endless possibilities.

Keep in mind that a label is not as disposable as a flyer or brochure and once applied to a marketing product will be a constant reminder of your company. This makes it an indispensable and versatile tool.

So, whether its having that “WOW” factor at a kiddies party or branding a vehicle, an adhesive product is the most likely option to guarantee that your intention “sticks’ around for a long time!

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