The Thermographic Process

Thermographic (or Virko) printing is a process that causes text or graphics to be slightly raised from the substrate. The achieved visual effect from thermography is unique and striking, making it a technique commonly used on  a wide variety of final products. Wedding invitations, business cards, greetings cards, letterheads, diplomas and packaging can all be finished with the thermographic process so that they stand out and make an impression. Virko also has a tactile element to it making it suitable for braille text.

Virko printing is a high-quality finishing technique offered by RevPrint Claremont that really adds a touch of style to your final product.

Things to consider when deciding to finish printing with thermography:

  • Only one side of a substrate can be printed using thermography.
  • Do not use type that is smaller than 6 points.
  • Avoid typefaces with very thin strokes.
  • Try to avoid mixing large solid areas and small type on the same page.
  • Avoid very large solid printed areas. Some shrinkage of the image is normal and this can cause distortion of the paper.